Our services

Our Mission is to provide Services, Support  and Training to writers and Illustrators the world over.

Some of our more popular services include:

  • Writing for the Education Industry
  • Writing for the Trade Industry
  • Illustration
  • Typesetting, Book layout, and Printing
  • Writing and Illustration Courses


Find the perfect author for your project. We have authors specialising in both educational and trade publications.


Does your story require a cartoon style? Are you needing something in a fantasy or sci-fi genre, or how about a graphic novel?

Whatever you need we have illustrators who specialise in every style from cartoon through to photo realistic.


Editors are a crucial step in getting your manuscript polished to that professional stage required by publishing house the world over.

We have Editors specialising in editing, proofreading, writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, blogs, articles, web content, advertisements, brochures, newsletters and pretty much anything that involves words.


Gecko Tales is passionate about coaching and developing people to reach their full potential.

Try one of our free courses before jumping into some professional development.


Writing for the Education Industry.

Writing for the Trade Industry.

Typesetting, Book layout, and Printing.

Pathways to Publication.

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