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Imagine being able to capture the imagination of a child.

Children’s Literature covers everything from board books with no words all the way through to middle grade masterpieces in excess of 100 000 words!

Do you have a story burning away inside of you begging to break free?

Whether your story is based on fairy-tales or folklore, mystery or mayhem, action, adventure, fantasy or sci-fi, we have you covered.

How to Draw anything

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw anything you can imagine? Then this is the course for you, Matt B a successful author and illustrator of children’s books takes you through every stage.

Module 1   Introduction
Module 2   Drawing Foundations
Module 3   Practical Fun – Time to Draw

Included in this course is a plethora of follow along how to draw videos that are continually added to and you will have access to these forever once you enrol.

So don’t delay, sign up for the course today and make your drawing dreams a reality!



How to make a comic strip

Have you ever wanted to create a comic strip like PEANUTS (creator charlie Schulz: 1950-2000), CALVIN and HOBBS (creator: Bill Watterson – 1985-1995), DILBERT (creator: Scott Adams – 1989 – present) or GARFIELD (creator: Jim Davis – 1978-present.

Follow along as Matt B takes you through the basics in module 1, and then creates a plethora of zany comic strips in module 2 .


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