Matt B Lewis

Matt B Lewis


It was obvious from the outset that Matt B was going to be an author. Follow along if you will;  School, Military, Crowd Control, Security Operations, Personal Protection, Dog Handler, Unarmed Combat Instructor, Weapons Instructor, and then he did a stint in Prison … as a Correctional Officer (I know what you were thinking.)

A quick change of pace had Matt B working in Federal Government where he stayed for the next 18 years.

Now I ask you, doesn’t that just scream Children’s Book Author?

Matt B has written many stories ranging from picture books, junior fiction, middle grade fiction and graphic novels.

If you have a story you need fleshed out by this unique and quirky writer you can get in touch with him at:

Best Sellers

A Killer Whale Can’t Eat Kale!

Doug loves eating kale, there’s only
one problem.
Doug is a Killer Whale and his friends
don’t like him eating all that healthy
Follow along as Doug tries to save
various sea creatures from becoming
dinner for his friends, by offering
healthy alternatives.

Dun Dun Did It!

Come on a journey of FUN, FRIENDS, ADVENTURE and MISCHIEF as a boy’s imaginary friend causes madness and mayhem, and learn why…
“Whenever you’re in TROUBLE and asked to ADMIT”

The Answer of course is DUN DUN did it!’

Monsters in My Garden

The ADVENTURE begins when a young girl discovers MONSTERS in her garden. See how she deals with the concept of Monsters, turning a scary dark concept into a light hearted, colourful and fun experience.

You will be laughing all the way to the end!


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