Matt B Lewis

Matt B Lewis


It was obvious from the outset that Matt B was going to be an author. Follow along if you will;  School, Military, Crowd Control, Security Operations, Personal Protection, Dog Handler, Unarmed Combat Instructor, Weapons Instructor, and then he did a stint in Prison … as a Correctional Officer (I know what you were thinking.)

A quick change of pace had Matt B working in Federal Government where he stayed for the next 18 years.

Now I ask you, doesn’t that just scream Children’s Book Author?

Matt B has written many stories ranging from picture books, junior fiction, middle grade fiction and graphic novels.

If you have a story you need fleshed out by this unique and quirky writer you can get in touch with him at:

Check out his webiste here:

Krissy Regan

Krissy Regan


Krissy Regan, was born in Townsville and after a few decades crossing the globe she came home to raise her family.  She then decided it was time to follow her dream to be a writer.  Krissy has written 2 books, and currently has 2 books in development.  She is a lover of stories with a message about love, kindness, support and empowerment.  


Krissy’s work can be found here:

Steve Coleman

Steve Coleman


Steve’s love of words emerged from a bush upbringing in the fifties on Magnetic Island. This meant no electricity, no reticulated water; no telephone or television. Beyond the outside playground of rocks, creeks and trees, indoor games and books were pretty much all there was.

Words and writing have continued in Steve’s professional life. He is co-founder of an education company and published several other children’s books including, “The Bee’s Knees”, “The Ant’s Pants”, “Naree the Fire Lady” and “Jodi and the Turtle”. Soon to be released: Rodney the Unicorn Fish Who Lost His Way, which will be a special 2020, All-Queensland edition.

Steve currently enjoys a bush lifestyle at Alligator Creek in North Queensland.

Steve’s work can be found here:


Best Sellers

A Killer Whale Can’t Eat Kale!

Doug loves eating kale, there’s only
one problem.
Doug is a Killer Whale and his friends
don’t like him eating all that healthy
Follow along as Doug tries to save
various sea creatures from becoming
dinner for his friends, by offering
healthy alternatives.


Croc-A-Doodle SNAP is a curious tale about a crocodile and a rooster who fall in love,  they get married and have a child, and Oh what a child.

 It is a fun and engaging story about acceptance, love and wonder.

 The story is aimed at preschool children, the font is large and colourful and the illustrations are engaging and comical.

 A fun and enjoyable story to spark the interest and imagination of pre readers, it is rhythmic and easy to read aloud.

 Croc-A-Doodle SNAP is sure to be a family favourite.


Dun Dun Did It!

Come on a journey of FUN, FRIENDS, ADVENTURE and MISCHIEF as a boy’s imaginary friend causes madness and mayhem, and learn why…
“Whenever you’re in TROUBLE and asked to ADMIT”

The Answer of course is DUN DUN did it!’

The Koala who lost his heart

This is a story about a young Koala who tries to find love after losing his parents in a bush fire.

On his way he meets a friendly Possum, a cheeky Kookaburra, a serious Snake, an intellectual Emu and a wise Owl.

He discovers how to listen to his heart, love himself and find friendship along the way.

The Cat’s Whisker

Cats are cool. They have class. They are always winners.

So what better part of a cat is there, than its elegant, shiny, forever-spotless, whiskers to celebrate someone or something that is the absolute, spot-on, superior best … an achievement that is so unbeatably outstanding and cool?

Please enjoy this tale of three rollicking ‘Whiskerteers’ and their remarkable feats in a 21st Century version of “The Cat’s Whisker”.

Really though, when all is done,

The Cat’s Whisker means Classy, so remarkably cool and excellent plus;

The Ant’s Pants, The Bee’s Knees

All rolled into one.


Monsters in My Garden

The ADVENTURE begins when a young girl discovers MONSTERS in her garden. See how she deals with the concept of Monsters, turning a scary dark concept into a light hearted, colourful and fun experience.

You will be laughing all the way to the end!


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